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How It Works

How EZstatz Internal Production Statistics Works

  This is a real-time web-based adjunct to your website.   The statistical data is stored on your server.
The programs that process and display the statistics and logs run on our host.
 It is Easy to Setup, Easy to use, Easy to Modify (Flexible), parameter-controlled. 

 See an Example of EZstatz 

You put simple statements in your programs - wherever you want - to note activity and generate a log message. We call these "events".
You can have any number of events defined for a program or script - indicating different logic paths, different options, different types, etc.
Each event generates a log line, and statistical measurement. So you know a lot more than just how many hits the page received.
 EZstatz Production Statistics then has a powerful set of screens for looking at the counts, logs and incidents. 
 EZstatz Production Statistics displays a set of screens that enable you to see what's really going on within your programs. 

You organize your stat viewing data into logical columns and pages - very easily.
  • Flexible, intuitive navagation between screens.
  • Easy client control over what goes on which screen.
  • One line per day - as many pages of related data as you want.
  • One line per hour, one page per day, related columns.
  • See one column (one statistic) over time - by hour by day.
  • Cumulative on non-cumulative presentation options.
  • Graphical Presentation options.
  • Mathematical relationships - e.g. one column can be a sum of other columns.
  • It has a Powerful Log Viewing Facility
  • Easily navigate interactively from statistics to logs
  • View all the occurrences of a particular event
  • View all the activity for a particular user
  • See what happenned at a particular time, or in a particular program.
  • It's an effective debugging tool
  • We can give you access to on-line statistics for an operational site. Send an introductory email, and we'll give you the key.

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