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What Does It Do? - Functionality

  EZstatz Basic Operation has the following flow: 
  • The starting screen is a Summary of various counts (events) by Date
    Each statistic (count) represents a particular point in a particular script or program
    There can be associated variables displayed
    You can define as many screens and columns (statistics) as you want
  • You can click on a DAY to see hourly totals for the same statistics
  • And you can click to see the hourly figures for a single column over many days
    You can compare days by hour side-by side
  • There is also a "Vertical View" with daily totals for a single statistic
    Presented graphically
  • You can always link to view the daily log file - with only the pertinent entries
    This is a powerful log viewing facility which enables you to see just what you want
  • You can filter the log on various criteria to see only entries pertinent to:
    • A particular Statistic
    • A partilular User
    • A particluar Error Massage
    • A time range
  This is the kind of logical and arithmetic capability you can expect: 
  • An event can be very simple, just incrementing a count
  • Or it can represent an aggregate - for example the amount of a payment
  • Or it can be logged for future reference but not counted
  • A script (or program) may have many different events defined
    representing different logic paths or distinctions or levels of progression
  • Events can be subdivided by various criteria
    - for example by region or department or user type
  • You can have a column for each division and/or just a total column
  • You can add or subtract multiple columns (types of events)
  • You can see averages and totals - on various time periods
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