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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where does EZstatz run?
    Answer: You add a simple PHP function to your programs where you wish to define events to be logged and statisticized. There may be several within a single script. Since PHP is server-based, that function will run on your server (not on your user's "client" system). The log files, from which the statistics are generated, also reside on your server (in a dedicated directory). Other than that, you log into our domain to manage and view your logs and statistics.

  • What's this about PHP? Do My programs have to be in PHP to use EZstatz?
    Answer: Your scripts don't have to be in PHP, but your server must be PHP-enabled. And you must tell your server there will be PHP code in otherwise non-PHP scripts.
    Just add this line to .htaccess:  AddType application/x-httpd-php .html  (substituting whatever file type you want for ".html")
    It can also be done individually for single files using Apache. (See the Instructions Page.)

  • What if I'm in a different time zone? I want my statistics to reflect MY time.
    Answer: EZstatz is designed to work in all time zones, reflecting the local time of the client.
    There are parameters to specify the relationship between where YOU are, where YOUR server is, and where OUR server is. (See the Instructions Page.)

    If you have other questions, send an email. For questions of general interest we will add to the FAQ.

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