EZstatz Integrated Website Statistics & Logging - Beta 
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What It Costs

 You get a Free One-Month Trial - time to check out the system and learn how it works. 
No Payment or obligation is required for the free trial.

  The cost of EZstatz Internal Website Statistics is: 
 Low Volume Up to 2000 Log Lines per Day* $29.95 per year 
 Moderate Volume  Up to 5000 Log Lines per Day* $39.95 per year 
 Brisk Volume  Up to 10,000 Log Lines per Day $49.95 per year 
 High VolumeContact Us
Additional Discount for Long-term Usage
*Log Lines per Day is considered the monthly average.

  To become a Client and make a Payment, first set up a user account by Registering
There is no obligation in registering. You can see how the system works without making a payment.

EZstatz can also be integated into web-based applications you make available to others.
To find out more about this, send an email.

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